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Performance & Vocal Coach, Tenor

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Paul Phoenix

Performance & Vocal Coach, Tenor

Paul Phoenix is truly a talented, unique man that can instantly make a room come alive with his positive energy. His insight and engaging spirit is infectious and he can absolutely change an ensemble from singers to performers extraordinaire!
Cantilena Chorale, Arizona, USA

Grammy Award-winning singer Paul Phoenix has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of vocal styles and numerous languages. As an experienced vocal coach he has a particular interest in young and developing voices, in presentation, interview and audition technique.

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“Paul is a brilliant musician and communicator”

“You do have an exceptional skill in working with choirs and with people”

“The solos performed were spectacular! Paul Phoenix in particular!”

“The work you do is such an asset to our students, our craft, and our world! You change lives by just being you, and that is so rare.”

Grammy Award-winning singer Paul Phoenix has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of vocal styles and numerous languages. As an experienced vocal coach he has a particular interest in young and developing voices, in presentation, interview and audition technique. His skills as a mentor and in community engagement are exceptional.

After 17 years and nearly 2000 concerts performing, mentoring and coaching as tenor in one of the world’s most celebrated vocal ensembles, The King’s Singers, 2014 marked Paul Phoenix’ ‘retirement’ from The King’s Singers and the launch of a new phase: ‘Purple Vocals – Perform & Engage’. It is important to Paul to pass on the many skills he learned not only as a King’s Singer, but as a performer with 40 years of experience – from St. Paul’s Cathedral Chorister to award-winning soloist.

Purple Vocals is both an online and personal consultancy, coaching choirs, ensembles and individuals in a range of skills, including presentation, vocal technique and professional development. Paul gives regular coaching to conductors, ensembles and individuals on performance and presentation, including King’s College at the University of Cambridge, and King’s College London. (As Patron of and advisor to ‘All the King’s Men’, an award winning collegiate A Cappella ensemble). Purple Vocals is a growing international consultancy, including but not limited to China (as guest of INTERKULTUR and China Conservatory of Music, Beijing), the Netherlands (Utrecht Music Conservatorium) and Switzerland (Künstlerhaus Boswil).

Paul Phoenix also sings as a guest soloist and has extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of vocal styles and numerous languages. The last few months have seen Paul singing in several countries, among them Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Colombia the USA and China.


Paul Phoenix, tenor and founder of PurpleVocals.

Paul’s long career in the music business began in the 1970’s, when he became a Chorister in St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir in the City of London. He sang in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee service in 1977 and recorded the Ivor Novello award-winning theme ‘Nunc Dimittis’ by Geoffrey Burgon, in the BBC adaptation of John Le Carre’s ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ in 1979, for which he was later awarded a gold disc.

His musical education continued at the Royal Northern College of Music, in Manchester, England, between 1986 and 1991 where he studied voice and academic studies, spending his spare time learning the ‘art’ of singing in numerous different styles – as a member of Manchester Cathedral Choir, fronting a Big Band as well as recording with a Dutch group called ‘Janus’ (with whom he still writes and records nearly 30 years later!).

‘In a way, it prepared me for the musical versatility of the King’s Singers’, says Paul, who mentions that his freelance career was well underway by the time he graduated. There followed a six year period during which he continued to diversify, singing as a soloist in oratorio, taking part in pop and classical sessions, coaching the choristers of Westminster Under School and performing with the Monteverdi Choir.

In 1997, Paul successfully auditioned for the King’s Singers, and joined in September of that year. Averaging more than 120 concerts annually, He has sung in many of the world’s greatest concert halls, from Sydney Opera House to Carnegie Hall in New York, and travelled as far as Chile and New Zealand, Russia, China and South Africa. As well as a packed concert schedule, King’s Singers recordings continue to be released to critical acclaim and Paul was co-producer on the 2009 Grammy-winning album, ‘Simple Gifts’, as well as performing on the 2011 Grammy-winning recording, Light and Gold’, featuring works by the American composer, Eric Whitacre. In 2013, the King’s Singers were also voted into the ‘Gramophone Hall of Fame’.

In August 2014 Paul left the King’s Singers in order to develop his own brand:’Purple Vocals: Perform and Engage’, his coaching and engagement consultancy.

‘It’s important to me to pass on the many skills I have learned in 17 years as a King’s Singer’, explains Paul. ‘My singing career continues as a guest soloist, but I also want to concentrate on educating, mentoring, lecturing, speaking and coaching. I feel uniquely placed to offer new perspectives and advice on the career development of musicians, as well as coaching choirs, ensembles and their conductors and speaking about the art of ‘audience engagement’.’

His work as founder of ‘PurpleVocals’ continues to take him around the world, with regular visits to China, (coaching, performing and speaking in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenyang), Hong Kong (as a frequent ‘Artist-in-Residence’) across Europe, the USA (coaching and performing as Artist-in-Residence for Arizona Cantilena Chorale and as a guest coach with the Philadelphia Boys Choir.)

The 2018-2019 seaons sees him in Germany (as guest soloist with the Reutlingen Philharmonie), Finland (as coach and performer with the Sibelius School and Kuopio Youth Choir), further visits to Hong Kong, The Philippines the USA and Switzerland (where he runs a PurpleVocals Summer Choral Academy).

Paul lives in Cambridge, England with his wife, Helena and two sons, William and Edward. When not singing he loves running, cycling and supporting Manchester City!


保罗的音乐生涯始于1970年代,彼时他是伦敦圣·保罗大教堂唱诗班的一员。1977年他曾在英国女王登基25周年的庆典仪式中演唱,在1979年时因录制作曲家杰弗里·伯根为BBC根据《锡匠·裁缝·士兵·间谍》改编的电视剧片尾曲《西缅之颂》(Nunc Dimittis)而赢得艾弗·诺沃罗大奖(Ivor Novello Award),该录音还获得了金唱片奖。

1997年,他通过层层选拔,于当年9月成功加入了国王歌手(The King’s Singers)。年均120场音乐会,从悉尼歌剧院到纽约卡内基音乐厅, 他的歌声在世界各地著名的音乐厅唱响,足迹也踏至智利、新西兰、俄罗斯、中国和南非以及世界各个角落!在密集的巡演日程中,国王歌手也不断发行唱片并广受赞誉,2009年保罗作为联合制作人推出的专辑《简单的礼物》(Simple Gifts)荣获格莱美奖,2011年录制的美国作曲家埃里克·惠特克(Eric Whitacre)作品集《金色之光》再度捧得格莱美奖。2013年, 国王歌手还经票选进入了《留声机》杂志的名人堂Gramophone Hall of Fame)。

2014,保罗从国王歌手卸任,并开启了紫色之声‘Purple Vocals)这项全新事业,展开关于演唱指导与表演沟通技巧的顾问工作。将我在国王歌手17年中学到的诸多经验传递出去,对我来说意义重大。保罗如是说,我会以独唱者的身份将我的歌唱生涯继续下去,但我也会专注于教育、训练、讲座、演讲和指导方面的工作。我深感自己身处重要在位置,要向年轻音乐人们提供新的视角和职业发展的建议,同样,去指导合唱团、小组合及他们的指挥,并跟他们讲解关于吸引观众的艺术。他的新事业紫色之声带领他行遍世界各地。


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Reviews —

“You are most gracious! Thank you Paul Phoenix for sharing your musical insights, words of wisdom and love for choral music with us. It was quite inspirational on many levels and we appreciate how you have positively affected our spiritual and musical lives. So few musicians truly appreciate the connection between the two, such a blessing that you do and can share it with others. Hope the rest of your American journey goes smoothly… please know that you will always have a home with your mates in TN!”

Stacey Wilner, Coordinator of Choral Music, Maryville College, Tennessee, USA

“It was just a fantastic experience to work with you in Boswil, and my whole choir is still enthusiastic about the three days spent together. Therefore it is a great joy to hear, that you are willing to work again with Marco’s and my choir next year……I really look forward to working again with you and to learn from your enormous singing and stage experience.”

Claudio Danuser, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund, Direction Kultur und Soziales, Zurich, Switzerland.

“Oh, my, what a wonderful way to start my day! You do have an exceptional skill in working with choirs and with people. All of the students were pretty enraptured with you, your energy, and professionalism. We are a small community in the Piney Woods of East Texas and what you and your fellow musicians brought to our area last evening was truly a memorable experience. I think this was evident by the throng that bombarded you after the concert! … Without doubt you are bowing out on top and your hard work and reputation will follow you into and through your new career path. I hope we will again have time…more time…to share music together."

Tim King, DMA, Director of Choral Activities, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas, USA

“Paul is a brilliant musician and communicator who endeavors to enabling institutions and organizations to build upon each other’s individual strengths. His focus on taking responsibility to support one another and for professionals give back to the community will impact the future in a very positive way. I have found Paul to be extremely approachable and personable to work with in any situation. An absolute joy through our collaborative work.”

Jami Lupold, Music Specialist, Texas, USA

“THANK YOU! The work you do is such an asset to our students, our craft, and our world! You change lives by just being you, and that is so rare. I’m so lucky to have been a part of this inspirational movement, because that’s what you’re creating-a movement. I’ll do whatever I can to keep that going. We already miss you here in icy Tennessee and can’t wait to have you back!!!”

Ashley Abbott, Choral Assistant and Fine Arts Recruiter, Tennessee, USA

"Paul Phoenix, this was an honor and truly something I never, in my wildest dreams, could ever have dreamed of. Singing one of my all time favorite songs standing next to one of my all time favorite performers is something that to me is out of this world. I sincerely hope that you will return to Iceland one day to give us an opportunity to enjoy your coaching. Thanks!" #singingnexttoPaul #stillcantbelieveit

Ómar Karl Jóhannesson, Spectrum Vocal Ensemble, Iceland

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