Luci Holland

Games Composer and Presenter

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Luci Holland

Games Composer and Presenter

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Luci Holland is a Scottish (Edinburgh-based) composer and sound artist who composes and produces music and audiovisual art for film, games and concert.

Luci composed the original dynamic/responsive game music for Blazing Griffin‘s 2018 release Murderous Pursuits. Luci also arranges and performs video game music with collectives like Materia Community – such as arranging music from Silent Hill (for Otherworld, released Oct 2020) and Jessica Curry‘s Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture score (for Pattern, released 2016). Currently she is also composing bespoke game music tracks for Skyrim mod Lordbound and other films, games and interactive media.

In 2019 Luci joined new classical music station Scala Radio to present The Console, a weekly one-hour show dedicated to celebrating great music in games. She was also a BAFTA Scotland Game juror in 2016, 2019 and 2020; a BAFTA Game Music juror in 2021; a former IGDA Scholar; became an Ambassador with the Women in Games Ambassador programme in 2020; and joined the BAFTA Games Crew in 2021.

Luci also builds and designs interactive sonic art installations – designing sonic installations for Cryptic’s Below the Blanket exhibit in August 2019, inspired by the Scottish Flow country and related bogland research and restoration; launching interactive audiovisual experience Refraction with Cryptic in March 2018, in collaboration with Tom Sulat, Ross Blair, & Projector Club; and presented her custom-built site-specific dynamic sound installation CITADEL for the 2017 Hidden Door festival. She was among 8 artistic practitioners selected to participate on Serious Music‘s Learning & Participation career development programme (LEAP), and in February 2019 visited CMMAS in Mexico as a resident audiovisual artist and spent two weeks exploring digital art & vocal improvisation techniques.

Luci additionally works as a freelance creative technologist, musical director and arts producer with organisations like Tinderbox Collective, classical music organisation Absolute Classics, and occassionally coordinating artistic interactive seminars and performances as the Edinburgh Game Symposium and with her music-for-media band Mantra Sound. Luci was nominated for a Soundtrack Cologne European Talent Award in 2013 for her film music, and has an MSc in Composition for Screen with the University of Edinburgh.

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