Janina Fialkowska’s Schubert Sonatas is hailed as disc of the week!



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Janina Fialkowska

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Janina Fialkowska’s disc of Piano Sonatas by Franz Schubert on the ATMA Classique label has been hailed as CBC Radio 2’s In Concert disc of the week for October 13th 2013.

Denise Ball has written a wonderful review of the disc, which can be found here.

Ball writes; “According to one of Schubert’s friends, the composer played his own music with “beautiful touch, a quiet hand, clear, neat playing full of insight and feeling.” The same could be said of Fialkowska. This is subtle, lyrical playing, showing such easy virtuosity that you’re never aware of the complexity and technical peril with which Schubert challenges even the most intrepid performer.”

The disc will be released in the UK on 28th October.


Janina Fialkowska

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