Music in the palm of your hand from the Sacconi Quartet

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Photo of heart

One of the robotic ‘hearts’

The Sacconi Quartet premiered their innovative and groundbreaking digital project HEARTFELT at Village Underground last night as part of the Spitalfields Music Summer Festival.

The Quartet performed Beethoven’s String Quartet in A minor (Op. 132) whilst audience members were invited to hold robotic hearts, developed by Rusty Squid, that were linked to the heartbeats of individual members of the Quartet, connecting the performers with the spectators in a whole new way. Stunning interactive lighting, designed by Ziggy Jacobs-Wyburn also helped to further dissolve the boundaries between the two.

HEARTFELT next travels to the Lichfield Festival, and will also appear at this year’s Bristol Proms.

Take a look here for Tom Service’s preview of HEARTFELT in The Guardian.

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