Stile Antico launches new Bursary Scheme for Young Singers

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Stile Antico looks to the future with the creation of a Bursary Scheme for Young Singers, made possible by the recently-launched Stile Antico Foundation in honour of the group’s tenth anniversary. As well as providing a small sum towards professional development costs, the bursary scheme offers the successful candidates the chance to sing with Stile Antico in rehearsal.

The successful candidates were selected by the members of Stile Antico from an impressive shortlist selected by Robert Hollingworth, director of I Fagiolini and a faculty member at the University of York, where he leads the world’s
only full-time Masters course in solo-voice ensemble singing.


The first recipients of the Stile Antico Bursary for Young Singers are Avalon Summerfield and Danny Purtell:

During my time at university, I worked with the resident ensemble, I Fagiolini. Singing in these sessions taught me a great deal, and cemented my love for singing in smaller, unconducted groups. I am looking forward to being able to continue learning in this way with Stile Antico.
Avalon Summerfield

I’ve really admired Stile Antico’s approach to ensemble singing ever since I first heard them. The way that they work as a unit without a conductor is extremely refreshing and I can’t wait to start working with them.
Danny Purtell

To read the full press release click here, or visit the group’s website for more information about their anniversary plans.

Stile Antico

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