Telegraph praises Stile Antico’s ‘numinous glow’ at BBC Proms

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Stile Antico

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On Sunday 16 August Stile Antico took part in the first ever Sherlock Holmes Prom, alongside the BBC Concert Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth, Christine Rice, Jack Liebeck and the Sherlock actor Mark Gatiss.

Performing to a packed audience in the Royal Albert Hall and live on BBC Radio 3, the group sang motets by Lassus – a composer on whom the great detective was very keen.


The concert was reviewed by Ben Lawrence in the Telegraph, writing that “the inclusion of two works by … Orlande de Lassus (on whom Holmes composed a monograph) was sung with a numinous glow by Stile Antico, unlocking an emotion that would surely be anathema to the Baker Street detective.” Read the full review here.

Geoff Brown also reviewed the Prom in The Times, noting that “Stile Antico, singing Lassus, brought manna from heaven.” Read the full Times review here.

Stile Antico

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