Critics highly praise Peter Donohoe’s Scriabin marathon

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Peter Donohoe

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Milton Court April 2017

Credit Mark Allan

On Sunday 23rd April Peter Donohoe performed all of Scriabin’s ten piano sonatas at Milton Court – travelling to the outer limits of what’s physically – and emotionally – possible on the piano.

His performances were punctuated by extracts from a contemporary memoir of Scriabin by Leonid Sabaneyev, selected and read by Gerard McBurney, along with video projections.

Peter’s epic performance has received a huge amount of praise from national publications:

The Spectator

“I didn’t think playing all Scriabin’s piano sonatas in one afternoon was possible. But Peter Donohoe proved me wrong with this stunning concert at Milton Court Concert Hall.”

“This recital was a monumental achievement. I’d have said that playing all Scriabin’s piano sonatas in one afternoon with such accuracy, structural insight and joie de vivre was beyond ‘the verge of the possible’. Donohoe proved me wrong.”

The Guardian

“Donohoe saved the very best until the end, with his fiercely intense account of the trill-laden Tenth, a work unlike anything else in the piano repertory.”

The Times

“No matter how wild the notes in Scriabin’s ten numbered piano sonatas, Donohoe, always a performer in the grand manner, never drooped… After a concert such as this it was very hard to get back to earth.”


“To use sporting parlance, “at the end of the day”, Kenyan athlete Daniel Wanjiru won the London Marathon in marginally less time than it takes to play the complete Scriabin sonatas. Yet Donohoe’s effort was just as herculean, even if he shouldn’t be suffering from any foot blisters in the morning.”

Peter Donohoe

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