‘Sparkling’ reviews for Peter Donohoe’s new Stravinsky disc

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Peter Donohoe

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Peter Donohoe’s latest disc of Music for Solo Piano and Piano and Orchestra (SOMM Records) with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor David Atherton has been highly praised since its release in January this year:

The Sunday Times
Critic Peter Driver describes the works as ‘sparkling performances” and says the three Petrushka movements are “a brilliant recreation of the ballet”, and the disc “affords bracing insight into how genius discovers itself”.

Gramophone Magazine
“Donohoe combines virtuoso technique of the highest order with a connoiseur’s ability to draw out previously unsuspected colouristic subtleties, even moments of beguiling lyricism and wit, without ever betraying Stravinsky’s larger musical purpose.” *****

Classical Notes
“Donohoe convincingly traverses the wide range of styles here, from the early
romanticism, through neo-classicism, jazz influences and serialism, giving us great insight into
Stravinsky’s writing for the instrument over his lifetime.”

Released in late 2017, this disc comes after a succession of successful recent discs with SOMM: the complete Prokofiev Sonatas (3 volumes) and the complete Scriabin Piano Sonatas.


Peter Donohoe

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