Daniel Tong at top of Spotify ‘Classical Picks’ playlist

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One of the tracks from Daniel Tong’s new disc with violinist Krysia Osostowicz is at the top of the Spotify Classical Picks playlist! This playlist has over 333,000 followers and the piece, ‘Spring’, by Huw Watkins, has been played over 40,000 times.

Updated every Friday, the Spotify Classical Picks playlist features fifty highlight tracks handpicked from fifty notable classical new releases, including both new compositions and new recordings of existing repertoire.

Composed by Huw Watkins, ‘Spring’ is from Daniel and Krysia’s new ‘Beethoven Plus‘ disc (Volume 1) with SOMM Recordings.

Beethoven Plus is a project developed in 2015 by Daniel and Krysia, which presents ten new companion pieces to Beethoven’s ten sonatas for violin and piano.

The ten composers are Jonathan Dove; Judith Bingham; David Matthews; Matthew Taylor; Jeremy Thurlow; Peter Ash, Philip Ashworth; Elspeth Brooke; Kurt Schwertsik and Huw Watkins.

These new pieces, heard together with the original sonatas, create conversations between living composers and Beethoven, and shed new light on what Beethoven’s music means to us today.









Daniel Tong at top of Spotify ‘Classical Picks’ playlist

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