“O Radiant Dawn” – new album release from Apollo5

O Radiant Dawn, the new album from Apollo5, is released on the VCM Records label on May 31st.

From sacred music to pastoral, folk and spiritual repertoire the group explores the human journey through birth, love, struggle, the end of life and reflection. The album’s repertoire stretches from Perotin to MacMillan; the programme features arrangements written especially for Apollo5 and new commissions from composers Alexander Levine and Fraser Wilson.

• O Radiant Dawn – James MacMillan
• Beata Viscera I – Pérotin
• Beata Viscera – William Byrd
• Ne Irascaris Domine – William Byrd
• Wishes – Fraser Wilson
• Beata Viscera II – Pérotin arr. Apollo5
• Scarborough Fair – trad. English arr. Fraser Wilson
• The Skye Boat Song – trad. Scottish arr. Fraser Wilson
• The Dark Island – Iain MacLachlan arr. Paul Smith for Apollo5
• I Love, Alas, I Love Thee – Thomas Morley
• The Silver Swan – Orlando Gibbons
• Sfogava Con Le Stelle – Claudio Monteverdi
• Der König In Thule – Robert Schumann
• The Call – Vaughan Williams arr. Harry D. Bennett
• My Spirit Sang All Day – Gerald Finzi
• Beata Viscera III – Pérotin arr. Apollo5
• Oh, You Wide Steppe – trad. Russian arr. Alexander Levine

Clare Stewart of Apollo5 spoke to Robert Hugill about the album – read it all here.

To celebrate the release the group visited the Radio 3 In Tune studio and performed a couple of tracks live. Listen again to the programme here.

Buy the album on Amazon here.

Singing live at BBC Radio 3’s “In Tune” studio



Private: Apollo5

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