London Bridge Trio release new disc celebrating unheard women composers Fanny and Clara

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London Bridge Trio

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Today sees the release of a new disc by the London Bridge Trio, ‘The Leipzig Circle’, of works by Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn, and Robert and Clara Schumann.

Released with SOMM Recordings, it’s the first to couple music by the sister and wife of two great Romantics.

As SOMM states:

In the 1840s the idea of a woman composer being of comparable stature to her brother or husband was unthinkable. Yet Fanny continued to compose, with some of her music being issued under Felix’s name. Today, with the emancipation of women established, we can look anew at the forgotten work of these remarkably gifted ladies.

This is, without doubt, a hugely significant and utterly unique release in terms of repertoire and the present-day liberation of women composers.

2019 is also Clara Schumann’s 200th Birthday year. The London Bridge Trio features David Adams (violin), Daniel Tong (piano) and Kate Gould (cello).

Hear the trio on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune on Friday 12th July, performing live and talking to presenter Sean Rafferty.




London Bridge Trio

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