Gleaming review for Beethoven Plus Vol.2

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Daniel Tong

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Daniel Tong and Krysia Osostowicz’s new volume of ‘Beethoven Plus’ has received a glowing review from BBC Music Magazine.

Released with Somm Recordings, the disc is part of a two disc series to provide Beethoven’s 10 Violin Sonatas with newly-commissioned companion pieces. The composers on this disc are Kurt Schwertsik, Matthew Taylor, Philip Ashworth and David Matthews. Composers on the first disc are Jonathan Dove, Peter Ash, Judith Bingham, Huw Watkins, Jeremy Thurlow and Elspeth Brooke. These new pieces, which are heard together with the original sonatas, shed new light on what Beethoven’s music means to us today and provide a unique twist on similar recordings of Beethoven’s Violin Sonatas.

BBC Music Magazine:

‘It’s an elegant idea, and it has paid off

‘I genuinely found myself listening to the Beethoven with new ears

‘a delicate balance between depth and playfulness that’s hard to beat amongst contemporary versions’

‘For live recordings, the sound quality is outstanding

Beethoven Plus Vol.1 and Vol.2 have been hugely successful with concerts all across the U.K.

Daniel Tong

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