“This evening was a triumph for Melvyn Tan as much as Kevin Volans”

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Melvyn Tan

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Melvyn Tan performed at Wigmore Hall with the Calefax ensemble and the Signum Quartet on 11 December, presenting music by Kevin Volans on the occasion of his 70th Birthday. The concert received excellent reviews, including The Telegraph newspaper.

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“The two latter impulses came together in his brand-new piano: string quartet: chopin. Familiar chords from Chopin’s C minor Etude Op 25 recurred over and over, but under the surpassingly sensitive hands of pianist Melvyn Tann they were purged of their stormy passion and made gentle and reflective.”

“Melvyn Tann dispatched the joyous repeating patterns of L’Africaine, perched nicely between ‘African-ness’ and minimalism, with a thrilling combination of feline  grace and furious energy (this evening was a triumph for him as much as Volans).”

Melvyn Tan

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