Peter Donohoe releases new Busoni disc

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Peter Donohoe

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“Busoni is one of those forgotten composers who’s been disregarded by many over the last 100 years or so, for reasons I can’t understand, because he was a very major name and a great composer of all kinds of music. Having explored his music, there’s something very special about it.”

Peter Donohoe. Peter Donohoe’s new disc, released with Chandos Records, includes three of the pinnacles of Busoni’s virtuosic output: The Toccata, BV 287, the seven Elegien, and the Sonatina on Bizet’s Carmen, alongside the much earlier Bach transcription of which Peter Donohoe writes: “The Toccata, in particular, has always struck me as one of the most joyous pieces in the history of instrumental music, and Busoni’s transcription certainly brings out that joy.”

The disc is available to purchase here.

Peter Donohoe

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